How To Hard Reset LG G Flex


LG G Flex Hard Reset and LG G Flex Factory Reset Method is Here.

  • Switch the mobile phone off.
  • Click and hold Volume Level Down key + Power key with each other.
  • Make the Power key only when the LG company logo appeares, then immediately click and hold the Power key again.
  • Generate all keys when the Factory hard reset display screen is shown.
  • Click the Volume level Down key to scroll to Of course, then click the Power key to validate.
  • Click the Volume level Down key to scroll to Of course once more, then click the Power key to validate.
  • Your product will execute a hard reset.

Your mobile phone when freezing or broken

Switch off your mobile phone and restart. When you see the company logo click and hold the Volume level Down key until you see the Home display screen.


  • While the mobile phone is on, click and hold the Power/Lock Key until the Mobile phone choices selection menu is shown. Then click and hold Power off and tap OK. Your Home display screen will then be shown with the words “Safe mode” in lower left area.
  • From the Home display screen, tap the Menu Key and tap Technique configurations > General tab > Applications.
  • Tap one of the accessible tabs at the top of the display screen and choose the program you wish to un-install.
  • Tap Un-install and OK to validate.
  • Right after removing the app, switch off and restart your mobile phone.

NOTE: Secure mode will turn off all 3rd party apps you have set up. They will be renewed when you restart your LG G Flex Android mobile phone once again in normal mode.


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