How To Hard Reset LG Optimus L5 II


LG Optimus L5 II Hard Reset Method – 1

Making use of the hard reset LG Optimus L5 II, resetting LG E460, LG E455, LG E450.

  • If your mobile phone does not restore to its unique problem, use a Hard Reset to initialize it.
  • Switch the electrical power off.
  • Click and hold the Power + Volume level Down key + Fast Key.
  • When the LG Brand appears on the display screen, launch all keys. All files will be lost!

LG Optimus L5 II E640 Hard Reset Method – 2

Critical alert! If you have ignored your PIN or Security password
If you forget about your PIN or Security password, you will need to execute a hard reset.
Warning: If you execute a hard reset, all customer apps and user files will be removed.
NOTE: If you have not signed into your Google Account and have ignored your Unlock Style, you will require to enter your LG E640 Data backup PIN.

Alert !
If you execute a hard reset, all user apps, user data and DRM licenses will be removed. Please don’t forget to backup any critical files just before executing a Hard Reset.



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